If you are looking for inspiration in Barcelona to live an experience for two, to buy a present for your parents or any beloved couple … or even to give a surprising experience to that very special person for you in order to enjoy quality time together, in AIR We suggest a range of treatments and liturgies of relaxation and distinction that will convince you without any doubt; Because we like to ‘think for two’.

In our AIRE centers we offer you disconnection experiences that go far beyond a massage, a thermal bath or an aromatherapy session. We offer you an experience of total escape in the heart of the city to say goodbye to the headaches, pains and bad feelings. Escaping from the routine in AIRE enhances the senses and connects you with a universe of sensations governed by water.

If you want more information to acquire any of our experiences for two, check our website. Enjoy the different water rituals or any of our special promotions. Check out the perfect end to stress with an AIRE experience for two, with a perfect massage or bath session.

Now you have the opportunity to get a total disconnection experience for two.

Time for two in AIRE de Barcelona

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