Merry AIRE Christmas, from AIRE! These days are just around the corner. Its hard to believe how time flies! And with Christmas comes again the big dilemmas: I have to think of something special to buy as a Christmas gift and it has to be a success.

Whatever it is that we could buy, it has to be useful, original, innovative, genuine … what can I buy that meets all expectations? And moreover: which gift can I buy to be potentially a big success?

Here at AIRE de Barcelona we offer the best gifts to totally please your loved ones this Christmas. We want to give your loved ones the most white-Christmas-like experience of complete disconnection, in touch with water.

Our AIRE centers located in Barcelona, ​​Almeria, Sevilla, Vallromanes and New York have been designed as an oasis of relaxation and disconnection. We like to recover the ancient tradition of Greek and Roman bath and incorporate this concept in rebuilt historical buildings.

AIRE Ancient Baths create spaces and experiences to put body and mind at ease, taking advantage of the ancient traditions of water and temperature contrasts as relaxing and healthy element.

If you want ideas for a truly different and surprising Christmas gift, we invite you to visit our website and discover our extensive range of rituals and treatments.

This Christmas you can give away any of our experiences, individually or for couples, because this Christmas, your loved ones can experience an authentic experience of well being with AIRE.

We want to be part of your Christmas.
Merry Christmas and Happy New AIRE!

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