Have you heard of innovation to awake your senses, originality, distinction and ability to surprise with an experience of pure relaxation? These are some of the premises of the experiences you can enjoy here in AIRE centers. Do you want to surprise somebody with a different and truly innovative gift?

Here at AIRE de Barcelona we have a lot of expertise in wellness and we can provide very special and innovative experiences offer governed by water, with some of the AIRE rituals, in our facilities.

We took the ancient tradition of the Roman Baths transferred to the XXI century and taken to a new dimension for the senses.

In our AIRE spaces we provide you with a whole range of feelings of comfort and relaxation related to water, bathing, spa, massage, aromatherapy and health.

AIRE de Barcelona creates spaces and innovative experiences where the body and mind rest taking advantage of the ancient traditions of water and temperature contrasts as relaxing and health element.

Each one of our AIRE centers is unique for they are located in a unique building full of history and personality, but all share the common denominator that is aiming to create a space of relaxation, calm and serenity in an innovative experience for the senses.