Originality, innovation, ability to surprise when enjoying a relaxing experience. That is our premise, that is our day to day motivation here at AIRE de Barcelona. Do you want to surprise to that very special one with a truly original gift? We can offer you our new AIRE experiences. Here are some:


A treatment that exudes relaxation though the use of organic ingredients. Finally there is a combination of body and facial massage that lasts about 60 minutes. During the massage natural herbal products are used for a journey of pure well-being. As a climax a 100% natural fruit juice cocktail is served.


We present our new healthy experience that brings a wonderful feeling of renewal and physical and mental well-being is achieved. This entire ritual is perfect for tuning looking good time.
It starts with 15 minutes in the Hammam to relax and open the pores, followed by a deep exfoliation scrub with sugar and lime essence to remove impurities leaving the skin smooth, radiant and ready for massage.

The massage cabin is developed in two phases over 45 minutes. First, the whole body working with green tea oil, whose revitalizing properties are very well known. Then the head massage with citrus hair mask activates the “Marma” points besides moisturizing hair thoroughly.
This sublime experience continues with 60 minutes of pure relaxation and aromatherapy bath through different rooms of water at different temperatures to finish with a refreshing, vitamin and healthy twist with a delicious smoothie of melon, cucumber and lemon.

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