Life goes too fast sometimes. We all like the feeling of movement, we like to feel alive, but sometimes: Don’t you think that things just escape to our control?

We are becoming what psychologists like to call the over-stimulated ‘homo sapiens’. In this society where we live, we are a little bit victims of our own technological evolution, we are so much used to immediacy, without caring too much about its consequences.

Many times and most of the time in our daily chores, we end up paying more attention to ‘urgent’ things rather than paying attention to ‘important’ things, and in our regular basis we spend the time just ‘putting out fires’.

It is at that precise moment, when we think we do not have control, when we think that we can’t stop anymore … that’s when we have to put a parenthesis in our life.

Well, we want to give you good news, we are here to propose you a quiet plan and you know why? Because we strongly believe that our bodies have a limit and, many times, we just need a ‘reset’ to set the stress counter to zero. We are specialists in relaxation and in combating day-to-day stress.

Here at AIRE de Barcelona we propose the best and the quietest of the plans, a universe of sensations of disconnection governed by water. Today you can enjoy one of our massages, to enjoy solo or in couple. Also a session of hot springs or any other option that you can find in our catalog of experiences and treatments can help your body to disconnect and set the counter to zero to start again with renewed energies.

Come enjoy the best quiet plan with us and start from scratch with another AIRE.

#Quiet plans in Barcelona