AIRE Baños Árabes Baths offers you one of the most relaxing experiences you can find. Magic.

Disconnect from the daily routine is always a tempting plan and get away in AIRE Baños Árabes is a plan for excellence in relaxation.

Enjoy the best hot waters, spa circuit with pools of hot and cold water or experience a special massage with essential oils.

In AIRE Baños Árabes you can enjoy a relaxing massage, a real cure for stress that will comfort body and mind, leaving you in perfect balance.

A relaxing massage offers plenty of benefits. Strengthens body immunity, relieves headaches, lift your general mood, provides a sense of relief and even strengthen your sense of beauty.

In AIRE Baños Árabes you will experience a fantastic massage, SPA circuit and thermal baths station soothing waters at different temperatures accompanied by an aromatherapy treatment.

Be inspired by our menu of relaxing experiences. The best plans of relaxation with magic and sophistication with the experiences you’ll truly enjoy.

A plan that will provide a new look to your weekend.

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